Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Tahongai, Natural Medicine from East Kalimantan

Tahongai is a natural plant that grows on the edge of the river in East Kalimantan, and become difficult to find plants that are cultivated by farmers in East Kalimantan. This plant has exceptional properties for health, so it's worth dubbed the "king of herbs from East Kalimantan" Tahongai ditepi sungai Mahakam Tahongai eleutherol contain active compounds and kaempferol 3-glucoside which functions as an anti oxidant and extra tahongai deadly liver cancer cells that HepG2 cells. Tahongai also contain coumarin class of compounds, namely 7-hydroxy-6-methoxy coumarin (skopolletin). Inin compound has the effect of antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti allergic and can inhibit prostaglandin synthetase. Expert said Dr. Enos Tangka, Whitewater (lecturers and researchers Mulawarman University Faculty of Forestry) Our leaves are carefully tahongai (chemical laboratory of forest products) since 2007 until now, we found the active compound from the leaves tahongai eleutherol and kaempferol 3-glucoside which functions as an anti oxidant and extra tahongai deadly liver cancer cells HepG2 cells that we used in the study. Testimonies: Nikanoor, Bontang city recovered from hepatitis B, hepatitis B was diagnosed critical in dirgahayu hospital, samarinda 1999. after years that I have complete bed rest for treatment. during rest I am no longer taking medication given by doctors, but I take tahongai.after consume 2 times a day (morning and evening) for 1 year, in the year 2000 i checking back and found negative of hepatitis B. Yulindra, Samarinda City Wall of the lung abscess healed, I was diagnosed with spinal tuberculosis in 2002 in Klaten, 2003 I attended once to Unmul samarinda and treatment, was diagnosed with lung abscess wall (dirty fluid around the lungs that comes out like pus). This fluid boils out after like big around the rib cage on my right. I was given medication from the hospital, but after the drug has not gone unabated. I tried taking tahongai for 2-3 months (morning and afternoon) due to ulcers and holes where the pus out of a closed and dry. pus did not come out again until now (2011) Ummu Jafar, Samarinda city Allergic itch cured, when the rainy season, appeared itching and pores in the hands, legs and my thighs bigger, besides my face was swollen. I was advised to drink Tahongai, alhamdullillah after drinking 2 glasses, itching gone, my face is swollen again and my pores became normal. tahongai now I drink because my body more comfortable. daniel, Makassar city Hepatitis B and high blood improved, since 2002 have hepatitis B, and then drink Tahongai until 2007, the condition is getting better and high blood pressure was back to normal. Ibu Hudiono, jakarta City hepatitis B, typhoid and cured gout, hepatitis B, typhoid and gout since 2006. then since the 2007-2011 regular drinking tahongai and hepatitis B, typhoid and uric acid recovered

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